HowTo: LightBurn GCode to SD card for use in xTool D1 for computer free laser operation.

Including steps below to enable operation of the xTool D1 using LightBurn GCode files. Purchased a Makeblock xTool D1 10W over Thanksgiving 2021 as a start into laser burning/cutting. Overall it’s been a good machine hardware wise and very stable. Their YouTube live stream announcements and continuous improvements to the D1 are always fun to watch and one of the best ways to get a good deal on additions the machine. Never a dull moment in a live stream, since they do the unboxing of what will be included and sometime stumble assembling or getting things to work LIVE. They Read More

WordPress 6.0

Just upgraded to WordPress 6.0 and moved my website hosting from the public cloud to a private cloud. It’s so nice to be able to do most of what I wanted functionality and formating wise using the built in block editer inplace of Ultimatum and Elementor. Huge thank you to Cloudflare for making Argo tunnels free to most of the internet, that’s a huge step forward in terms of security. If you haven’t taken a look at WordPress 6.0 using the Twenty-two theme or at Cloudflare Tunnels through their teams offering, it’s worth a look! Read More

DirectAdmin / cPanel advice

As a somewhat recent administrator for cPanel on CentOS and having watched web hosting providers post online about the latest price changes to cPanel licensing in 2019. I decided to find alternatives to cPanel that offered some of the basics of web server management without the high cost of licensing. I’m not going to argue, license fees are important for a for-profit company to keep releasing security updates and offering reasonable support. But once pricing goes out of reach of most hobbyists like myself for their personal sites, administrators will start to find alternates that are reasonable. I looked at Read More

Apple vs. FBI.. A battle bad for business

Maybe it’s time for Apple to fight back.. Let users create their own encryption key used to protect iCloud and iPhone content. I see major implications to the business world and government world if Apple creates signed installable firmware that allows an entity to brute force the pass code and bypass a wipe mechanism.  Just think about all the top secret information foreign governments would love to get from contractors in other countries. Can’t believe the FBI is even asking Apple to consider doing this..  However; a suggestion to Apple if they are forced to do this..  Give users the ability Read More

T-Mobile iPad missing free 200 MB

I purchased an iPad Mini Retina, I had an account issue early on that caused them to delete and recreate my account.  After this account change on their side, I lost lost the option to have the free 200 MB on my account.  Here is what solved it for me and will likely work for others having the same issue. Paying for data worked.  When it expired, I never got my free data back, the account would switch to no data pass. After a few hours on the phone, in store and even having the case escalated. What finally resolved Read More

The Body Odd – SAD in the summer? Sunshine depression rare, but real

Finally, there’s a name for what I have.  Warm weather depression! I love winter so much that I’m thinking about winter in the middle of summer.   I do enjoy the warmer days, but I’d prefer to be in a colder climate (preferably where it’s snowing).  Might have something to do with having growing up in Southern California and seeing the nice white capped mountains around me.  Who knows?  All that matters is there is a name for the condition! The Body Odd – SAD in the summer? Sunshine depression rare, but real. Read More

Which Is More Sanitary: Hand Towels or Air Dryers?

No surprise here.  Not a big fan of air dryers.. but I am surprised about why Air dryers spread more germs.  Never thought about the ones hiding on your hands. I’d never use one of those towel dispensors that have the blue cloth that unwinds and winds back on the spool.   You never know if they washed it thoroughly and if they used bleach! Hand Hygiene – Hand Dryers – Health Tip – RealAge. Read More