Southern California native currently living in Northern Indiana working for one the largest groups of RV manufacturers in North America.

I speak (uh, program) in many languages.  Fluent in PHP and X++. PHP is utilized very highly on web. X++ on the other hand… it’s not very common and is the heart of Microsoft Dynamics AX.   I’m a rare programmer, I don’t like to just write code.  I like to solve problems by understanding and working with servers, routers, SANs, backup systems, encryption, IPS.. everything technology related.

I love to tinker with technology, apply it to the real word and when possible the business world.  Virtual machines rock! New programs, network routers, access points, SAN, backup solutions, open source software (user of FreeBSD for 20+ years)..  all fun stuff!

I’m into health and fitness.  There is so much great information and conflicting information on the internet..  It’s helped me become more aware of the food industry and importance of proper form in the gym.

Enjoy SCUBA diving around the world and helping others discover scuba by being a good dive buddy.  Relatively new to diving, certified in 2012. Completed Advanced and Rescue with PADI.  Looking forward to doing additional specialities for Master Diver.

Hopefully you’ll find this site useful resource for finding other sites, reviews, using some of my tips and tricks or listening to my random babble.