T-Mobile iPad missing free 200 MB

I purchased an iPad Mini Retina, I had an account issue early on that caused them to delete and recreate my account.  After this account change on their side, I lost lost the option to have the free 200 MB on my account.  Here is what solved it for me and will likely work for others having the same issue. Paying for data worked.  When it expired, I never got my free data back, the account would switch to no data pass. After a few hours on the phone, in store and even having the case escalated. What finally resolved Read More

iPhone Passes Blackberry in Global Shipments – Yahoo! News

Interesting.  I’m starting to see the shift more towards non-blackberry devices myself.  In fact, I attended a conference last week and saw iPhones outnumber Blackberry and Android devices. Global Shipments don’t mean too much.  Especially if Apple doesn’t continue to improve their products along with Blackberry and Android. It’s great to finally see real competition in the smart phone market. iPhone Passes Blackberry in Global Shipments – Yahoo! News. Read More