The Body Odd – SAD in the summer? Sunshine depression rare, but real

Finally, there’s a name for what I have.  Warm weather depression! I love winter so much that I’m thinking about winter in the middle of summer.   I do enjoy the warmer days, but I’d prefer to be in a colder climate (preferably where it’s snowing).  Might have something to do with having growing up in Southern California and seeing the nice white capped mountains around me.  Who knows?  All that matters is there is a name for the condition! The Body Odd – SAD in the summer? Sunshine depression rare, but real. Read More

Which Is More Sanitary: Hand Towels or Air Dryers?

No surprise here.  Not a big fan of air dryers.. but I am surprised about why Air dryers spread more germs.  Never thought about the ones hiding on your hands. I’d never use one of those towel dispensors that have the blue cloth that unwinds and winds back on the spool.   You never know if they washed it thoroughly and if they used bleach! Hand Hygiene – Hand Dryers – Health Tip – RealAge. Read More – A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 43 – You Are Not A Clone!

This article was worth reading…  I started getting into one of those lulls, doing stuff I hate or don’t feel comfortable doing.  This reminded me that if your body is trying to tell you something, you should listen.  We are not all the same! I gotta admit, I was laughing though some of this article. – A Bodybuilder Is Born: Episode 43 – You Are Not A Clone! – Ron Harris. Read More

Mountain bikers risk their necks

Helmets don’t protect you from this type of injury.  1 in 6 severe enough to result in complete paralysis.  Ouch! I guess it really depends on the trail that your on and the time of day.  Imaging riding along in a somewhat dark part of the trail… the sun has set… you reach to flip your headlight on… BAAM!  Over the handle bars you go.  Been there done that.  Not doing that again. Of course… what sport is there that’s safe? Mountain bikers risk their necks – Fitness- Read More – free fitness/diet/nutritional advice

My mind soaks up nutritional information like a sponge..  twitter and facebook have turned into a gold mine for me.  You just have to be careful… some sources are worse than gym science.  I really should just bite the bullet and go for a degree and get certified. Let’s say you don’t have a fitness passion like me.. well.  There’s  I’m trying it myself with a pre/post workout nutrition question.   I have a good idea of what I should eat to gain lean weight for my body type… but a second opinion never hurts. You can’t beat free fitness Read More When you lose weight — and gain it all back

Interesting fact; 80% of people who have lost weight will regain it back.  I’m down 60+ lbs.  (60-80 lbs of that fat) over the past 2 1/2 years.  I have no plans of gaining any of it back! Good point about the body not knowing the difference between Atkins and famine. When you lose weight — and gain it all back via When you lose weight — and gain it all back – Diet and nutrition- Read More

Becoming A Better Personal Trainer

Some very good points.  In summary, every person is different and a good trainer will identify your body type and develop a plan around it. I was surprised and it makes 100% perfect sense after watching many seasons of Biggest Loser.   The girl who had issues and was a  battle to train so dropped her as a client.  You lose the business, but it really plays a mental game in your head… and in the end most come around and start pushing themselves.  Just like a mother eagle dropping it’s baby to fly on it’s own. – Tony Read More