WordPress 6.0

Just upgraded to WordPress 6.0 and moved my website hosting from the public cloud to a private cloud. It’s so nice to be able to do most of what I wanted functionality and formating wise using the built in block editer inplace of Ultimatum and Elementor. Huge thank you to Cloudflare for making Argo tunnels free to most of the internet, that’s a huge step forward in terms of security. If you haven’t taken a look at WordPress 6.0 using the Twenty-two theme or at Cloudflare Tunnels through their teams offering, it’s worth a look! Read More

DirectAdmin / cPanel advice

As a somewhat recent administrator for cPanel on CentOS and having watched web hosting providers post online about the latest price changes to cPanel licensing in 2019. I decided to find alternatives to cPanel that offered some of the basics of web server management without the high cost of licensing. I’m not going to argue, license fees are important for a for-profit company to keep releasing security updates and offering reasonable support. But once pricing goes out of reach of most hobbyists like myself for their personal sites, administrators will start to find alternates that are reasonable. I looked at Read More

Bootable AntiVirus and Rescue CDs

Got a virus?  Don’t have the latest anti-virus installed?  Looking for a way to locate a virus on a corporate computer with sub-par anti-virus? The following link may be of great use to you!   It includes mini-review and screenshots of the various bootable CDs.  Also, keep in mind you can convert any of these bootable CD ISO images quickly and easily to a bootable USB drive using UNetbootin. FREE Bootable AntiVirus Rescue CDs Download List. Read More

Panopticlick – How Unique is your browser

How unique is your browser?  Find out.  This website will tell you how unique and trackable you are.  They analyze information that any website can collect on you.  Don’t worry.  Although you’re browser is unique today… does not mean it will be tomorrow.  A simply Firefox update, flash update, etc. will change the information that this site (and others use) uses to determine that information.  Assuming they are collecting it in the first place! Panopticlick. Read More

UNetbootin – Converts ISO image and writes it onto USB Drives

UNetbootin is a great Windows/Linux program.  Ubuntu will be releasing their latest and greatest operating system in the next few days.  UNetbootin will be a life saver.  UNetbootin allows you to take an ISO image and a USB flash drive to make the equilvent of a bootable CD.  Who uses CDs anymore… right?  In fact, UNetbootin will automatically download the ISO for many great open source and free utilities (FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Linux, Partition mangers, driver wipers, etc.) and flash them onto a USB drive. UNetbootin – Homepage and Downloads. Read More

Firebug – Firefox plugin for debugging pages

I’ve used many web debugging tools.  But nothing as advanced as this.  You can right click on a page, and tear apart HTML and CSS in real time.  I only wish that I had this years ago! Inspect HTML and modify style and layout in real-time Use the most advanced JavaScript debugger available for any browser Accurately analyze network usage and performance Extend Firebug and add features to make Firebug even more powerful Get the information you need to get it done with Firebug. Firebug. Read More

Combine PDFs for free using MergePDF.net

This is a great free website.  If you’ve ever needed to quickly combine two or more PDFs into a single document without Adobe or other paid software.  Here you go.  It’s got it’s limitations, but for a small job, it works. Merge PDF Documents Easily and for Free using MergePDF.net. Read More